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I do not believe anymore in a god who offers second chances. I do not believe in a god who wipes away people’s mistakes and offers sinners a clean slate. A god like this only gives you a second chance to screw up, and forces you to repeat the cycle of having a clean slate, trying to do better, work harder, out-right your previous attempt, fail miserably, repent, and have another second chance. Again and again. A viscous cycle for discipleship. This cycle just exhausts the disciple and leaves them with no spare energy to worship freely and love god and others because they have spent all their energy attempting to justify themselves before god time after time, and the gospel of god’s grace offered through Jesus is an afterthought, emergency backup measures for when you fail — it is not seen as the spring from which all life for the believer constantly flows. But grace is not just for your failures, grace is for your best days, grace covers your miserable attempts at self-generated righteousness as well.

Beer crate I made for Altruism Beer crate I made for Altruism Beer crate I made for Altruism

Beer crate I made for Altruism

“if we desire to produce [things] as freely and variously as possible, we must not at the same time try to produce them as quickly as possible.”
— G.K. Chesterton, as quoted in The Energy of Slaves by Andrew Nikiforuk

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